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How have you been!

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Hi everyone!

I realise that it's been such a long time since I wrote about what I'm up to, and that's because it's been so busy!!

Perhaps you know that I also run our popular online store Zusetsu where we sell gifts that have a foundation in the beautiful artisan skills of Kyoto.

We sell beautiful furoshiki wrapping textiles, bags that are printed by hand in Kyoto, intricately patterned origami, Nishijin-ori style pouches, and tenugui wall art!

So while I haven't been keeping up to date with my illustration blogs, I've been writing a lot about Japanese arts, literature and culture for Zusetsu!

And where my two passions have really collided is in the development of our own Zusetsu products.

I have designed our first furoshiki called Snowflower, which has been traditionally screen-printed by hand in Kyoto, and which takes pride of place in our collection of furoshiki wrapping for wedding table favours. It has proven so popular, we are launching Snowflower in a blue colourway this month, too!

I have also created our Zusetsu Furoshiki Handbook, full of thoughtfully designed how-to illustrations for different styles of furoshiki wrapping, and beautiful photographs by my business partner Yukki.

I adore illustrating children's books as much as ever, and I have been working on lots of art projects over the last year - colouring books, story books, and educational art for websites too! So please do contact me with your artwork requirements!

And when I'm not illustrating or running Zusetsu?

I'm learning Japanese!

Follow me on Instagram @zusetsu_store and @cathyhughesillustrator

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